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we wanna go rocka rocka rocka.
20 September 2011 @ 10:44 am
So, hi guys. I take you'll notice I made some changes here? It is still a work in progress but I'll get there someday.

First thing first I purchased the URL besupaa.com and redirection-ed it to this LJ, so as from now this is officially going to be my blog/site! I really hope this motivates me to post more and all. I know I'm a horrible blogger. Sometimes I'll probably post in portuguese to, since not everyone I know is familiar with english. But I'll translate it all, if my humongous laziness allows me to.

And since I dont have any awesome news to post, I'll stick to the post-outfits routine. Beware that they are boring and ill on quality since my mirror + room light + shaking hand are huge cons when it comes to registering what I wear.

And some extras, maybe?

Recently I've been reading HOMESTUCK~ It's addicting! bunnykyu and I are going to cosplay it on January.

On this pic I was (obviously?) showing my horn. I was searching for good techniques on making them and this one was pretty okay! I came up with the idea myself based on all those years watching Art Attack, hehe. Of course I had to fuck with my face in this because I looked mOtHeRfUcKiN horrendous.

I made this horn out of card board and newspaper straws! I know it's not awesome but I was just practicing! By the month of the event I hope I can craft awesome horns, bro. And if it's not clear already, I'm gonna cosplay Gamzee~ But I'm not sure it's gonna be his regular outfit because those pants wouldn't work on me at all - I guess I can give myself permission to style my Gamzee if I want to! I mean, there is 4Chords and all~ So I'll try my best to come up with an awesome outfit! hOnK hOnK! :o)

And oh! I downloaded this Pollaroid app! It is really cool because it transforms your pictures into framed pollaroids! You can download it here if you want!

I tried it out with a picture
of me and my boyfriend, kiki.

we wanna go rocka rocka rocka.
11 July 2011 @ 01:13 am
Long time no post, right?

Sorry, but I was never good with this journal shenanigans. I regret nothing.
But as I said this post is gonna be irrelevant, allow me to explain: next week I'm going to travel to this con called Anime Friends and I was thinking "Hm, maybe I should try banba~~~" and I experimented with make up at 12am, keke. I just took some photos, nothing much, and I'm still not sure if I like the result. If I so go for that look, hm.. I might have to change some things.

Also, I'm not wearing fake lashes because I'm an lazy ass and I'd take a shower afterwards anyway so I took the less troublesome way. /LAZY

This is hm, my workplace. SO TIED UP, RIGHT, I bet you are amazed. And of course I'm using of this thing called sarcasm. I actually have a lot more junk on the drawers. NOT EASY TO CLEAN THIS BITCH.

To the pictures~~~

Those are not great pictures and c'mon it was midnight already and my rooms is as light as batman's asshole. Let's cut a slack here~ I hope you can at least have a good idea of the eye make up I was going for. I not it still needs a lot of work.


I had some other photos on the memory card, so...

And that's all, errbody. Your face right now:
This post was really irrelevant.
Current Music: T-ara - Roly Poly.
we wanna go rocka rocka rocka.
29 April 2011 @ 01:49 pm
Ok, no, seriously.
I gotta explain something for you guys beforehand because this post is gonna be the mother of all mindfucks.

Ok so the beforehand explanations:

This post is entirely mine and @bunnykyu's fault. I should explain this because since we started chatin on MSN, all we do is talk about Qmi, pokemon, or soup operas we watch. Sometimes we mix all three topics into one. But Qmi is always there.

We are heavily influenced by evaporate and coley_merrin fanfics because of all the bunnies and tigers and all. WE ARE NOT ASHAMED TO SHOW HOW MUCH WE STAN YOUR FICS, GURLS.

So to understand this have in mind that everything is just pure crack and we just throw everything we like into Qmi fandom. But fear not, I'll explain the drawings further so your brain wont melt over.

Now the biggest of warnings:

NC-17 drawings, lots of crack and some lacy lingerie. Also, this is girl-bunny!kyu and tiger!mimi so BE WARNED.

If you still wanna click...Collapse )

I wonder if I should x-post this.