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we wanna go rocka rocka rocka.
07 November 2011 @ 07:28 pm
I was just playing with the blue lipstick Clarisse gave me! Don't mind me~ (and the crappy pictures)

And lastly I was just playing around with my stuff... I know it is like 200% photoshop-ed but bluh.


I really like how my horns turned out, tho.
we wanna go rocka rocka rocka.
Before I begin I'd like to explain.
A friend of mine tweeted that we should have a Harry Potter RPG community so it got me thinking about how my muse would be like, etc etc. So I'll dedicate this post to my infinite skill to waste my time with useless things.

Also, I'm gonna write about my muse and shit in portuguese because I'm too lazy, soly.

Nascido 27 de Maio. Quatorze anos de idade e muito gosto por quinquilharias e invenções. Seu sobrenome ZAJAC - de origem polonesa, assim como o nome - significa lebre, simbolizando graça e boas maneias; nada melhor para descrever o comportamento do garotinho.

Suas melhores matérias são Herbologia, Transfiguração e Historia da Magia. Se dependesse de sua natureza curiosa, claro, ele comeria todos os livros e matérias e o que mais fosse possivel de se aprender, mas na maioria das vezes a natureza-não-estudiosa-de-um-menino-de-quatorze-anos ganha a melhor e ele prefere passar o tempo brincando com suas invenções e projetos ultra-secretos que com certeza vão revolucionar a historia da humanidade.
we wanna go rocka rocka rocka.
05 October 2011 @ 11:11 pm
Hey guys! So it didn't take me another thousand years to update, yey! Bad news is I still don't have much to say so this is gonna be an empty post in a way.


I don't always wear this style, but sometimes It's cool I guess. To look girly. Right, right? I think I might be on this girly moment~

Blazer: Luigi Bertolli.
Dress: M - Eme.
Belt: FOLIC.

Jacket: COLCCI.

Now to the News!

So I've been keeping this written diary for over an year now. I scribble and bluh bluh bluh all over it since may '10, but this last week I finally finished the first notebook! I immediately purchased another notebook so I could keep this going, see.

Because the old one is orange, I called it Clockwork Orange. And the new one is pink, but I don't care - since I'm addicted to HOMESTUCK along with bunnykyu, I called it Gamzee!

I drew Gamzee's cover on the inside, so the outside cover wouldn't stain anyone's hand with permanent marker paint. But I sealed the drawing with acrylic sealer, tho! - And oh, I used this fanart as a model.

Also! my new circle lenses just arrived! They are prescription-ed, so I can kiss my glasses goodbye~ At least while I'm dressing up!

They came inside those cute pouches! So, so, so cute. Still gotta figure out what to do with em, tho~ Sometimes I carry it around as my necessaire.

Plus I got this cute Monkey lens case! I had the Frog one, and now I have the Monkey+Frog Couple. PLEASE DON'T WATCH ANY FROG/MONKEY RELATED VIDEO, IS AWFUL.

Super Nudy in grey.
I really like it because it looks ultra natural, even with the flash blinding me for a second, there. I don't think it is too OMG LOOK AT ME I HAS COLOR EYEZ.

Super Nudy in brown.
So I lost my previous pair of this color. YES I KNOW. So you can see how it looks like from that old picture of me. Still had long hair, keke.

I'll be more careful now.


I tried this manba/banba look to a party last week. Since I was going to a cub I didn't try my hardest since it would all meld away and smell like cigarrets by the end of the night BUT I had lots of fun!

I know it's not perfect but fuck the police, ay?

Uh... that's it guys.
It turned out kinda long in the end.

And sorry, too lazy to translate it to portuguese today.

Yazu says bye.