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This is gonna be an useless post. (In portuguese)

Before I begin I'd like to explain.
A friend of mine tweeted that we should have a Harry Potter RPG community so it got me thinking about how my muse would be like, etc etc. So I'll dedicate this post to my infinite skill to waste my time with useless things.

Also, I'm gonna write about my muse and shit in portuguese because I'm too lazy, soly.

Nascido 27 de Maio. Quatorze anos de idade e muito gosto por quinquilharias e invenções. Seu sobrenome ZAJAC - de origem polonesa, assim como o nome - significa lebre, simbolizando graça e boas maneias; nada melhor para descrever o comportamento do garotinho.

Suas melhores matérias são Herbologia, Transfiguração e Historia da Magia. Se dependesse de sua natureza curiosa, claro, ele comeria todos os livros e matérias e o que mais fosse possivel de se aprender, mas na maioria das vezes a natureza-não-estudiosa-de-um-menino-de-quatorze-anos ganha a melhor e ele prefere passar o tempo brincando com suas invenções e projetos ultra-secretos que com certeza vão revolucionar a historia da humanidade.
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This is an update! ♥

Hey guys! So it didn't take me another thousand years to update, yey! Bad news is I still don't have much to say so this is gonna be an empty post in a way.


I don't always wear this style, but sometimes It's cool I guess. To look girly. Right, right? I think I might be on this girly moment~

Blazer: Luigi Bertolli.
Dress: M - Eme.
Belt: FOLIC.

Jacket: COLCCI.

Now to the News!

So I've been keeping this written diary for over an year now. I scribble and bluh bluh bluh all over it since may '10, but this last week I finally finished the first notebook! I immediately purchased another notebook so I could keep this going, see.

Because the old one is orange, I called it Clockwork Orange. And the new one is pink, but I don't care - since I'm addicted to HOMESTUCK along with bunnykyu, I called it Gamzee!

I drew Gamzee's cover on the inside, so the outside cover wouldn't stain anyone's hand with permanent marker paint. But I sealed the drawing with acrylic sealer, tho! - And oh, I used this fanart as a model.

Also! my new circle lenses just arrived! They are prescription-ed, so I can kiss my glasses goodbye~ At least while I'm dressing up!

They came inside those cute pouches! So, so, so cute. Still gotta figure out what to do with em, tho~ Sometimes I carry it around as my necessaire.

Plus I got this cute Monkey lens case! I had the Frog one, and now I have the Monkey+Frog Couple. PLEASE DON'T WATCH ANY FROG/MONKEY RELATED VIDEO, IS AWFUL.

Super Nudy in grey.
I really like it because it looks ultra natural, even with the flash blinding me for a second, there. I don't think it is too OMG LOOK AT ME I HAS COLOR EYEZ.

Super Nudy in brown.
So I lost my previous pair of this color. YES I KNOW. So you can see how it looks like from that old picture of me. Still had long hair, keke.

I'll be more careful now.


I tried this manba/banba look to a party last week. Since I was going to a cub I didn't try my hardest since it would all meld away and smell like cigarrets by the end of the night BUT I had lots of fun!

I know it's not perfect but fuck the police, ay?

Uh... that's it guys.
It turned out kinda long in the end.

And sorry, too lazy to translate it to portuguese today.

Yazu says bye.

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Uh well. It's me.

So, hi guys. I take you'll notice I made some changes here? It is still a work in progress but I'll get there someday.

First thing first I purchased the URL besupaa.com and redirection-ed it to this LJ, so as from now this is officially going to be my blog/site! I really hope this motivates me to post more and all. I know I'm a horrible blogger. Sometimes I'll probably post in portuguese to, since not everyone I know is familiar with english. But I'll translate it all, if my humongous laziness allows me to.

And since I dont have any awesome news to post, I'll stick to the post-outfits routine. Beware that they are boring and ill on quality since my mirror + room light + shaking hand are huge cons when it comes to registering what I wear.

And some extras, maybe?

Recently I've been reading HOMESTUCK~ It's addicting! bunnykyu and I are going to cosplay it on January.

On this pic I was (obviously?) showing my horn. I was searching for good techniques on making them and this one was pretty okay! I came up with the idea myself based on all those years watching Art Attack, hehe. Of course I had to fuck with my face in this because I looked mOtHeRfUcKiN horrendous.

I made this horn out of card board and newspaper straws! I know it's not awesome but I was just practicing! By the month of the event I hope I can craft awesome horns, bro. And if it's not clear already, I'm gonna cosplay Gamzee~ But I'm not sure it's gonna be his regular outfit because those pants wouldn't work on me at all - I guess I can give myself permission to style my Gamzee if I want to! I mean, there is 4Chords and all~ So I'll try my best to come up with an awesome outfit! hOnK hOnK! :o)

And oh! I downloaded this Pollaroid app! It is really cool because it transforms your pictures into framed pollaroids! You can download it here if you want!

I tried it out with a picture
of me and my boyfriend, kiki.

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Long time no post, right?

Sorry, but I was never good with this journal shenanigans. I regret nothing.
But as I said this post is gonna be irrelevant, allow me to explain: next week I'm going to travel to this con called Anime Friends and I was thinking "Hm, maybe I should try banba~~~" and I experimented with make up at 12am, keke. I just took some photos, nothing much, and I'm still not sure if I like the result. If I so go for that look, hm.. I might have to change some things.

Also, I'm not wearing fake lashes because I'm an lazy ass and I'd take a shower afterwards anyway so I took the less troublesome way. /LAZY

This is hm, my workplace. SO TIED UP, RIGHT, I bet you are amazed. And of course I'm using of this thing called sarcasm. I actually have a lot more junk on the drawers. NOT EASY TO CLEAN THIS BITCH.

To the pictures~~~

Those are not great pictures and c'mon it was midnight already and my rooms is as light as batman's asshole. Let's cut a slack here~ I hope you can at least have a good idea of the eye make up I was going for. I not it still needs a lot of work.


I had some other photos on the memory card, so...

And that's all, errbody. Your face right now:
This post was really irrelevant.
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QMI shenanigans.

Ok, no, seriously.
I gotta explain something for you guys beforehand because this post is gonna be the mother of all mindfucks.

Ok so the beforehand explanations:

This post is entirely mine and @bunnykyu's fault. I should explain this because since we started chatin on MSN, all we do is talk about Qmi, pokemon, or soup operas we watch. Sometimes we mix all three topics into one. But Qmi is always there.

We are heavily influenced by evaporate and coley_merrin fanfics because of all the bunnies and tigers and all. WE ARE NOT ASHAMED TO SHOW HOW MUCH WE STAN YOUR FICS, GURLS.

So to understand this have in mind that everything is just pure crack and we just throw everything we like into Qmi fandom. But fear not, I'll explain the drawings further so your brain wont melt over.

Now the biggest of warnings:

NC-17 drawings, lots of crack and some lacy lingerie. Also, this is girl-bunny!kyu and tiger!mimi so BE WARNED.

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I wonder if I should x-post this.
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Short update + hair care step by step! ^ ^

This update is gonna be so random! Basically because I let photos acumulate on my camera and lose track of thing I wanted to post related to those pictures!

Anyway! this week I watched The Tourist with the guys. And I took some pictures of my outfit~ (Gonna post them on the Gyaru comm. on orkut later!)


I wanted to keep the makeup really simple since blue hair + bright greenish yellow leopard top + bubblegum pink giant purse seemed enough! What do you think?

The movie itself wasn't a big deal, realy. I left the room like because I have the feeling they wasted a really badass couple on this so, so empty! movie. Totally about:blank feelings about it, indeed.

Nata and Clarisse slept over that day! I have pictures here but they would kill me if I posted, haha~

As for my hair care! I don't know if I posted this here - no, I probably didn't - but my hair is currently BLUE! Me, Dude and Iza went to the whole thing by ourselves here at home so, of course, my hair died in the process!

So I counter-attacked by hydrating my hair every other day and now it's finally alive. The point is, this week I went to buy new products and well~ I just felt like posting a "step by step" of how I'm taking care of my blue head lately! Just gonna post everything I purchased that day and then you can click the LJ-cut if you want!

Point! Mostly those are products found at Brazilian drugstores, so that's why the names might look weird. But I'm sure it's easy to find similar ones wherever.

Reducteur, WF cosmetics. - an aminoacid based mascara that reduces hair volume and gives this glossy shine. / Make up remover, Vult - but this one is for the eye area, so it's more creamy. / False eyelashes, Fing'rs. / Nail extensors, First Kiss - you glue'em to the tip of your nail! / Hair mascara, Aquaflora - straightening effect. / Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, Aquaflora. / Liquid soap, exfoliant, Clean&Clear. / Hair vitamin, Aquaflora - "Fluido concentrado reestruturante". / "B5" hair vitamin. / Corrective hair serum, C.Kamura - de-frizz silicon used for heat-protection! / Yellow nail polish, Risque. / 3D glittery nail polish, ULTIMATE 3D TOP Beauty.

And if you wanna know about the step by step hair care, follow the cut!

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Point! This is gonna be written in portuguese-english so no one is left out!

Bonus picture of Dude, me and Alex @ a Café! This was yesterday, haha~ Alex was wearing my sunglasses. I always shove'em on his face whenever we meet because I think it really suits him!

Phew! this was actually a long update! Bye!
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Tô postando aqui do quarto do hotel aproveitando enquanto tá todo mundo na piscina. Saí de lá indginada - mais um ponto pra minha longa lista de indgnações em relação a este hotel.

Olha, eu não sou uma pessoa de reclamar - ok, tá legal, mentira. Sou sim. Eu já tenho a tendencia de reclamar de tudo o tempo todo quando as coisas estão boas, então quando elas estão desse jeito aqui aí eu simplesmente abro a boca e reclamo inconscientemente até cansar.

Quando a Aline (minha amiga, não minha namorada) disse que aqui em Natal era um pouco estranho por causa das... pessoas eu não quis acreditar, até porque a Aline reclama tanto quanto eu. Ou mais, até! Pelo menos minha indginação está se resumindo ao Hotel em que nós estamos hostepdados:

Ponta Negra Beach!

Eu já cheguei no hotel de TPM (nunca uma coisa boa) e meu humor estava literalmente catastrófico. Eu estava dando patadas em Deus e o mundo propositalmente porque meus pais, meu irmão e meu primo ficavam toda hora reclamando do meu humor e eu estava tipo "Galera, já falei que eu tô de TPM. Tô chata mesmo, get over it." e um remédio pra melhorar esse meu humor NÃO foi o fato de eu chegar no hotel e nós sermos mandados pro quarto errado porque eles ainda não tinham "conseguido quartos pra gente." - Meu pai e os meninos dormiram num quarto provisório na hoite anterior e quando eu e minha mãe chegassemos DEVERIA ter um quarto separado para os meus pais, e outro pra gente.

... Ah, eu nem vou entrar no detalhe de que o Plano de Férias do meu pai botou a gente no hotel errado mas tudo bem.

Voltando ao quarto acabou que todo mundo cansou da minha reclamação e eles foram fazer sei lá o que sei lá onde e me deixaram na responsabilidade de ficar no quarto (errado) pra quando o cara das bagagens chegasse a gente mudasse tudo pro outro quarto (certo). Então eu fiquei lá assistindo "Um time de malucos" no FX - Filme horrivel, então por favor evitem. - e aí quando o carinha chegou pra carregar as malas eu tive que catar as tralhas de TODO MUNDO, espalhadas pelo quarto. A galera nem pra ARRUMAR as próprias coisas, agrhnauhd. Eu tive que sair catando chinelos de um, cueca de outro - porque claro, o carinha das bagagens, Alan, não ia mexer nas cuecas dos hospedes.

... Dai o caminho de ida pro quarto certo foi mais legal ainda, porque o Alan não sabia chegar nos quartos! A gente caminhou pra cima e pra baixo até achar os quartos, e achamos o dos meus pais primeiro - deixei as coisas de todo mundo lá. E depois... O nosso quarto, estava lá, fácil demais. Não podia ser. ADIVINHA! Um quarto pra três pessoas, era MINUSCULO e só tinha duas camas, que lindo.

PUTA QUE ME-- tá, eu tô enrolando demais nesse post. Se eu for falar tudo de ridiculo nesse hotel digitaria até acabar o limite de caracteres então eu só vou dar alguns exemplos mais pertinentes.

O atendimento é uma bosta. No primeiro dia eu pedi um Filé, suco de laranja e pudim daqui do meu quarto, e se passaram, acredite ou não TRÊS horas e meu prato não chegou - quando eu liguei no restaurante de novo, o garçon que me atendeu tinha IDO EMBORA e esqueceu de avisar sobre meu pedido. Quando eu finalmente consegui que alguem trouxesse o prato pra mim, o garçon esqueceu os talheres e o pudim. Depois ele trouxe o suco quente.

A cozinha é uma droga. É uma cozinha só pra atender os quartos, os bares da piscina E o restaurante do Hotel. Ah, tá achando que uma cozinha só tá de boa? Então que tal UMA cozinha com também apenas UM cozinheiro. E o mais legal é que não tem NADA nesse hotel. No bar da piscina a gente pediu suco de abacaxi, o garçom anota o pedido e quinze minutos depois volta dizendo que não tem abacaxi. O mesmo aconteceu com suco de uva, com o de caju, com filé de frango, e NO RESTAURANTE faz três dias que eu tô pedindo a sobremesa de Kiwi com Morango e nunca tem. E não tem outro prato de frango porque acabou o vinho. E ah, não tem a torta de sei lá o que porque acabou o-- PORRA ACABAM AS COISAS NESSE HOTEL E ELES NÃO PLANEJAM COMPRAR MAIS? CADÊ O CONTROLE DE ESTOQUE? ESSE É UM HOTEL CINCO ESTRELAS NA BEIRA DA PRAIA, FAÇA-ME O FAVOR! ELES QUEREM QUE EU VÁ ALI NO MERCADO COMPRAR A PORRA DO KIWI E DO MORANGO PRA EU TER A MERDA DA MINHA SOBREMESA?

E ontem quando eu liguei pra pedir mais um pudim a noite, demorou uma hora! E adivinha só? O GARÇOM TINHA IDO EMBORA DE NOVO! Se eu descobrir quem é esse filho da puta que vai embora sem anotar meus pedidos eu mato!

Fora que... ontem e hoje a Piscina estava interditada para um "Procedimento de Limpeza", e abriu hoje a tarde. Nós chegamos da praia, fomos dormir, e agora umas cinco horas eu vou la nadar e não sei QUE processo de limpeza foi esse porque tinha grama, insetos, UMA PEDRA, um GUARDANAPO dentro da água! Tipo--!

Eu sei que culpa disso não é a da galera que cuida da piscina, e sim da galera DENTRO da piscina que esqueceu a educação em casa, mas fala sério? Então eu posso chegar e comer meu filé de frango (ou não, já que acabou e eles não pensam em comprar mais frango aqui.) e jogo meu guardanapinho na água e aí fica por isso mesmo! Porque ninguem tá vigiando, ninguem liga se eu jogar meu guardanapo, meu copo, meu prato, JOGAR A MÃE PRA VER SE QUICA dentro dessa água!

Eu tava tentando me controlar... juro que tava, mas quando chegaram as criancinhas e começaram a PULAR QUE NEM MALUCAS NA ÁGUA, BEM NA MINHA CARA. Eu levantei, saí da ãgua e esbarrei na mãe daquela praga e minha mãe disse:

- Larissa, você quase atropela a mãe do menino! - e aí ei falei.

- E o menino quase sapateia na minha cara. - e subi pra cá, tomei banho e agora estou aqui conversando com a Aline pelo MSN (minha namorada, não minha amiga) e ela deve estar se perguntando o que diabos eu tanto escrevo aqui mas PORRA, o minimo que eles podiam fazer é se organizar. Na boa. Eu já fiz curso dessas coisas na aula de Publicidade! Alias... Já fiz aula dessas coisas no curso de Publicidade. Em fim! Uma empresa é igual ao corpo humano, tem que funcionar tudo certinho por dentro, pra funcionar tudo certinho por fora. Senão o seu corpo vai merecer tomar umas porradas.

Meus pais ligaram chamando pra eu ir a pizzaria aqui do lado mas eu estou com tanta boa vontade quanto as camareiras que vieram arrumar nosso quarto e ainda deixaram os pratos sujos em cima da mesa. Traduzindo: zero.

Então, senhor Ponta Negra Beach, tão aqui suas cinco estrelas: !

Agora vou acabar esse post antes que seja tarde.
Eu já entrei no Modo Berzek com esse povo e vou começar a ser grossa. De verdade. Eu não gosto da ideia, mas parece que é só assim que o sistema funciona e--- AH, TÁ, FUI.

Edit - Fora essa porra de CABO da internet (quem AINDA USA CABO HOJE EM DIA, srsly) que tem uma pecinha quebrada e fica dando mal contato. Eu tô quase com o laptop de lado aqui nessa mesa pra ver se a internet funciona. Esse hotel cansa minha beleza.
[2NE1] CL - Yeah!

Just unloading some pictures.

My mom needed the camera so I unloaded some pictures to my pc and well.. Am going to upload them here! - Oh and new layout! What do you think? I'm in love with it. I missed making 2MIN layouts~ So there you go!

Now to the pictures!
(That are not following any specific order what so ever...)

(1) That's Alex hiding from my pictures, as usual. Whatever, he'll need to get used to it sometime - sinse I'm totally a stalker. (2) Obligatory couple picture, sorry. (3) Alex again; he tried to wake up at 4AM to finish his college assignment but as you can see, he ended up hugging his leptop and going back to sleep. (4) Nata sexpervert and me at Outback! She was wearing my bow and I was wearing her cap~

(1) Alex havin lots of fun (and coke) while cosplaying Nata. This was back at Animenation. (2) Clarisse was obviously unconscious so why not trolling? My camera was stupid so Lara's face turned into a blur~ (3) Mosaic-me and Lara just dorking around. (4) Clarisse (on awake mode) and me (with crooked wig).

(1) Me grrr-ing, Nata on the celphone and Alex's feet. (2) Family portrait. (3) Clarisse being just happy (and awake). (4) Alex doing his thing and Lara doing her victory. ♥

Ok this was totally one of those really random post I do sometimes!

Ah! To my friends:
Pictures will get bigger when you save'em, ok, guys?